Piezo Surgical Unit

Piezo Surgical Unit for safe bone surgery

Piezo surgery is a surgical technique that uses specialized vibrating tips to predictably and safely cut bone when it is needed.  Different tips are used to make very fine cuts, to cut bone near soft tissue like blood vessels and nerves without cutting the soft tissues, or to remove failing or poorly placed dental implants while minimizing damage to adjacent bone.  Piezo surgery is very applicable to dental implant surgery, but the units can be expensive and with minimal application to other dental procedures.  As a result it is often not available in non-specialty implant and surgical offices.  We are proud to utilize Piezo surgery to:

  • Simplify dental extractions
  • Perform safer bone grafting procedures
  • Remove failing or poorly placed implants as conservatively as possible
  • Protect against soft tissue damage
  • Minimize bone trauma for faster and more comfortable healing


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