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The Dental Implant Solutions Story


Dr. John A. Hodges created Dental Implant Solutions to simplify treatment solutions for patients in today’s every changing dental implant field.  At Dental Implant Solutions, dental implants are our specialty.  All of  your dental implant needs, from surgery to restoration, maintenance, and repair, are offered at our facility.  By offering only dental implant care, Dr. Hodges is able to spend all of his time focusing on the best available implant options, the newest trends, and the most predictable and safest techniques.  We have an extensive assortment of state-of-the art instruments and equipment designed for dental implant treatment, which can aid in making your treatment more predictable and often more comfortable.  Unlike the traditional model of having multiple doctors involved in the planning and execution of your dental implant treatment, Dr. Hodges is able to plan your best treatment option, perform the surgery, and restore your dental implants.  For patients who require extra care due to their medical health, who have limited remaining bone to support their implants, or who have the desire for the deepest sedation, Dr. Hodges has partnered with Dr. David Molen, an oral surgeon and an M.D.  Dr. Molen is one of the most highly trained oral surgeons in the state.  His surgical facility is located only minutes from our office, and he and Dr. Hodges can coordinate all of your extensive care needs.  We are also proud to have Dr. Joey Haynes, a periodontal specialist, to perform any complex soft tissue “gum” surgery at our facility.  We can ensure the best and most esthetic outcome for your care, while often saving you time and money,  with this great dental team.

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