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Why Choose Dental Implant Solutions?

Offering dental implants as a service in dental offices has exploded in popularity over the last decade.  Consumers are bombarded with advertisements on TV, radio, and the internet.  Mailers for dental implant specials are received almost daily.  Quotes for a single tooth replacement with a dental implant range from $1,999 to $10,000.  How can consumers ensure that they receive the best long-term results while also getting the most value for their money? 

Here is what differentiates us at Dental Implant Solutions:


Adequate training specific to the treatment of dental implants is a must for any doctor choosing to surgically place or restore dental implants.  Dr. Hodges has placed and restored over 2,000 dental implants.  He completed the one year dental implant fellowship program at the California Implant Institute and he has attended nearly 1000 hours of continuing education associated with treating dental implants.  He lectures nationally on the subject.


Dental Implant Solutions is dedicated solely to the placement, restoration, and repair of dental implants.  We do not offer other dental services.  As a result our entire dental budget is reinvested into training, materials, and technology designed to improve dental implant treatment and to make it more comfortable and predictable.

Labs and Materials

At Dental Implant Solutions we use only the highest quality and most stable materials.  Although we can restore virtually any dental implant system we place implants from Nobel Biocare and Neoss.  Nobel Biocare is headquartered in Switzerland and their implants are manufactured in California.  Neoss is headquartered in London and their implants are manufactured in England.  We will not place cheap implant systems that are manufactured in countries such as China.  These systems typically have very limited options for restorations and their quality of manufacture comes into question.  Before going to a bargain dentist for dental implants ask which dental implant system they use.

We use dental laboratories that are all located in Puget Sound.  Aside from wanting to support local businesses we also demand that the highest quality materials are used for our restorations.  Regular communication with the lab technician about your case is also important. This costs us more but it also ensures quality control.  Many labs, even ones based in the United States, export lab work to discount labs in China.  Those labs use cheap materials and poorly trained technicians. 

A note about implant materials:

  • Dental implants are manufactured from commercially pure titanium.  The abutment, the connector between your implant and your restoration, and the screw that retains the abutment MUST be manufactured from titanium, gold, or zirconia.  If not, galvanic corrosion can occur.  Galvanic corrosion occurs when ions move from one metal to another, like a battery.  If inexpensive metals are used to lower lab costs and galvanic corrosion occurs, your implant surface can corrode which can result in bone loss and implant failure.

There’s more to know about implants than many people think!


At Dental Implant Solutions we like to think that we offer you the best value for your money.  We cost more than bargain dental offices but our care, results, and success rate will be worth the additional investment.  Oppositely, our fees are lower than those of many oral surgeons and periodontists.  Many oral surgery and periodontal specialists perform excellent surgical procedures, and they are an important part of the dental implant team.  We refer about 25% of our surgeries to these specialists to ensure the highest quality care for you.  These specialists cost more, but for patients who require more challenging procedures, the investment is validated.  For patients who don’t require the additional training and skills of a surgeon the additional costs, often thousands of dollars per implant, can be an unnecessary expense.  Dr. Hodges is very skilled at helping you choose the best options to maximize your care and to get the best value for your money.

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